Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How to Create Your Business Goal

Do you want to know the feasible steps in order to plot your business goal?  Then, this is the page for you. We talked about the essence of goal in one of my posts entitled "What is it in a Goal?". But then, a goal will remain an idea if it is not realized. In order for a goal to be truly meaningful, there should be a strategic plan aimed on fulfilling such objective. This said, let us now talk about the possible ways to put that goal in reality.

Determine your Goal. First and foremost, determine what you really want. Usually, the main objective is profitability. Money! But for me, i would go for stability. In my mind, stability impregnates itself to further benefits like security and monetary reward.There could be a good income today but if the business is not well secured,  there is the probability of losing the monetary status. Also, I have a peace of mind knowing that my bread and butter is well secured. Therefore, stability of the business is the most important goal for me. How about you? There is no right or wrong answer here. What matters is that your goal is strong enough to hold on to when the need arises.

When creating your goal, make it feasible. Remember that a goal should be tangible.  Also, take note that a goal should be reachable. If your objective is to shoot the moon in broad day light, then go ahead and re-think your goal. A goal could be wild. It could be difficult. But it should be reachable. 

Create Your Planning Steps.  Once you have your goal. create a plan. Remember in my post entitled "What is in Goal"?. I mentioned that we were asked to create a road map. Think of the things that you must do in order to reach your goal. If  there is a need to create a corner in order to reach a goal, then go ahead. These corners are your sub-goal. These are the sub-objectives that you should be able to accomplish in order to reach your big objective. Again, make sure that these goals are possible to reach. This means your resources can cope in order to sustain your goal.

There are specifics on each corners in order to get your primary prize. The important step at this point is that you learn to create your plans towards your objective. That in itself is already a way of working towards your dream.

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