Friday, July 9, 2010

How To Study

Education is very important for the new generation. One way to create a good academic standing would be for the students to consider studying seriously. However, students have to enjoy their youth and their friends as well. Hence, as much as we have to study harder, we also have to learn how to study smarter.

  1. Set Priorities. We have to know our goal and plan on how we could achieve them.
  2. Have a specific study habits regularly. Most students study only when there is an examination. However, to be able to acquire better grades, it would be better to study regularly. This could minimize the stress during major examinations. Set at least an hour or two every day exclusively for studying. There is always time for pleasure and there is also time for studying.
  3. Choose a good study area. Study area does not need to be fancy. The goal is to make sure that on our regular study area, nothing could steal our focus.
  4. Ask questions. No man is an island. One person can not know everything. It would be nice to be resourceful and to ask questions to classmates, teachers and the internet. It would be nice to be in the loop.
  5. Do not be absent. Make sure you are present in class everyday. How will you study a lesson you are not even around when it was discussed? sure you can surf regarding the subject matter. Sure you can also ask your friend. However, nothing substitutes physical and metal presence.
I wrote this article this year and had been published in Quazen.

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