Monday, July 19, 2010

What is in a Goal?

In everything we do, goal is of primary essence in order to be successful. This is also true when it comes to business. Why? What is it in a goal that could make us successful?

According to Merriam Webster, goal is defined as "an area or object toward which play is directed to score". Interpreting what this means, a goal is the target on which your effort is directed into. Well, at least that is how I interpret the definition. A goal is synonymous to the word "objective".  This said, a goal is our objective. Our aim. Our purpose. 

In a business point of view, goal  is our visualization of what we want  to happen in our business after a certain period of time. This is the end result. While I was training in one of the prestigious call center company, one of our training was to create a road map. We are asked to determine what we want to be.  What would we want our position to be two to five years from now?  Then, we are asked to think of the steps in order to reach that final goal. We created a road map. We draw a road with a stop-over on each corner. The end of the road is our final destination. Each corner is the steps necessary to reach that goal. One advantage of having a goal is that it guides us in our journey as we walk on that road. With a goal, we are walking with intent and precision. We are not walking aimlessly. Just imagine operating a business going nowhere? What do you think will happen to the business?

Business is dynamic. It is very challenging. Business trending fluctuates, so to speak. This is one of the reason why business is risky. If you are walking in a rugged path where nothing is permanent except change, a goal is the best motivation to keep you going. Without a goal, it is very easy to sway away especially during  trying moments. Goal keeps us firm and steady in the midst of the storm.

Whether in our personal life or in business, goal is essential. The key is to find your goal and hold on to it. After all, your objective is one of the key point in order to reach the final destination.

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